Shauna Rosenblum

Winemaker, Rock Wall Wine Company, Alameda, CA.

Shauna Rosenblum
Shauna Rosenblum

Shauna Rosenblum grew up a in Alameda, CA on the site of what would come to be her father Kent Rosenblum’s Zinfandel empire namesake, Rosenblum Cellars.

By the age of 2, she was reading brix levels on a refractometer. By the age of 10 she was working on the bottling line, and helping in the cellar, and by the age of 15, she was sitting in on blends created by her father, Kent, and his associate winemakers.

After graduating high school, Shauna got a scholarship to study ceramics and sculpture and continued to further her studies in these practices on the Masters level. It was during this time that she took several chemistry classes, which felt very natural, as she had been doing it her whole life in her family’s winery. This was her ‘light bulb’ that not only was winemaking an amazing art, but it was also her true passion.

In 2008 her family sold Rosenblum Cellars, and started Rock Wall Wine Company. By the end of the first harvest, it was evident that not only was she in love with winemaking, but she was indeed a natural.

In 2008, the 25-year-old, with 23 years of winemaking experience under her belt, was named Head Winemaker of Rock Wall Winery.

Since then, she has garnered many Gold Medals, Double Gold Medals, Best of Shows, 90+ point WS + WE scores, “Best Zinfandel in California” and “Best Female Winemaker” from the Int’l Women’s Wine Competition. In 2017, Shauna was on the list of “Top 10 Female Winemaker’s in Northern California” from Haute Living.

Shauna is among the youngest professional wine judges in the country including the following competitions and publications: San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, California State Fair Competition, Orange County Wine Competition, Next Generation Millennial Wine Competition, Connoisseur’s Guide to California Wines, Wine and Spirits, Lake County Wine Competition.

Shauna was the featured winemaker and spokesperson for barrel maker Seguin Moreau’s “Winemaker’s For Good Wood” campaign.

Shauna was a featured speaker at Twitter’s #sheinspiresme conference in 2017.

Presently Rock Wall Wine Company produces about 12,000 cases of wine annually and is carried in a number of boutique wine shops and restaurants throughout California and beyond.