Nadia R. Pavlevska, CS, CSW, FWS, IWS

Nadia Pavlevska
Nadia Pavlevska

Nadia Pavlevska serves as a professional wine consultant and wine educator working with private and corporate clients, non-profits, and restaurants to create wine events, educational seminars and wine programs.

Nadia is also the in-house sommelier for Darren’s Restaurant in Manhattan Beach, CA, responsible for all things wine-related, including building the restaurant’s boutique selection of California and international wines.

Nadia is a Certified Sommelier (CS) with the Court of Master Sommeliers, a title she earned after passing an exacting three-part examination, which included blind tastings, a written theoretical section, and a practical service exam. Nadia is also a Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW) with the American Society of Wine Educators, French Wine Scholar (FWS) with the French Wine Society and an Italian Wine Specialist (IWS) with the North American Sommelier Association, N.A.S.A. In addition, she is a Certified International Etiquette and Business Protocol Consultant with the Washington School of Protocol.  She is a member of of the Guild of Master Sommeliers, the French Wine Society, the Italian Sommelier Association and N.A.S.A.

Nadia’s interest in wines began in her youth in her native Bulgaria, a region that was once one of the world’s largest wine producers. Education eventually brought her to California, where she earned a B.S. from USC’s Marshall School of Business. Prior to USC, Nadia studied at Sofia University in Bulgaria and the University of Salzburg in Austria.

In addition to wine, Nadia is passionate about travel, ballroom dancing, and philanthropy. She is an international ambassador for the “I Can Too” foundation, a nonprofit organization that brings smiles and relief to kids with special needs. She frequently visits the wine country of Santa Inez, Napa, and Sonoma, and currently resides in Hermosa Beach, CA.