2017 Public Tasting Guidelines for Wineries

Saturday, February 18, 2017 @ Festival Pavilion, Fort Mason Center in San Francisco
  • NOTE: Tables are still available at $100.00/table. After December 31, if available, at $150/table
  • Date and Time: February 18, 2017. Winery Registration is open from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.  NOTE: Tables not staffed by 1:00 pm will be forfeited – please arrive promptly.  Doors open to the public at 1:15 p.m., even though the published event time is 1:30-5:00 p.m. Pouring stops at 4:30 PM.
  • Location: Festival Pavilion, Fort Mason Center in San Francisco:  Fort Mason.  Wineries are responsible for transporting their own wine to the tasting.  Wine cannot be shipped to the tasting in advance.
  • Attendees: Full Table: Maximum 2 staff per table. Additional staff must purchase tickets to attend, available on www.winejudging.com.
  • Plaques will be mailed to you directly by Crown Awards and will arrive prior to the event. All Silver and higher awards will be on one plaque.  Bronze awards are recognized on winejudging.com.
  • Arrival: Drop-off wine in front of the Pavilion.  Parking is where you can find it. If you arrive early you should have no problem securing a space on Ft. Mason grounds.
  • We provide a 6’ table, cloth, signage, and dump bucket on each table.
  • There will be NO ICE available at the event. Bring your own ice and cooling containers if needed.
  • There will be water stations in designated areas of the building. If you wish to have water on your table, bring your own pitcher.  Otherwise rinse with wine when necessary.  Bring your own recyclable container for drinking water.
  • There is no trade tasting, before or during the event. The San Francisco Chronicle is adamant that this tasting be strictly for the public.  Trade partners and friends must purchase a ticket if they wish to taste at the event.  Tickets will sell out soon.  Purchase additional tickets now at winejudging.com!
  • Limit tastes to ¾ ounce. Stop pouring at 4:30 PM as required by the ABC Temporary License.  All bottles must be off of the table at 5:00 p.m.  Safety concerns and the law are paramount.  Encourage responsible tasting and discourage drunkenness.
  • Recommended amount of wine to bring….1 case each of Gold and better winners, 6 bottles Silver, and 3 bottles of any other.

We are excited to announce that the 2017 SF Chronicle Wine Competition has made a commitment to be ecologically sustainable and aim towards Zero Waste! Zero Waste events are a great way to not only show our commitment to the environment, but to create a living model of Zero Waste for event participants and the community.  As a participant, you are the key to the success of our green goals.

The San Francisco Conservation Corps has made things as simple as possible.  Just follow these easy steps to help reduce the ecological impact of this event!

  • PLEASE place all wine bottles back into their original cases. They will be collected after the event
  • All plates, utensils and napkins are compostable and go in the yellow cans

The proceeds of this event benefit a number of collegiate wine education programs as part of our commitment to the wine industry.  The non-profit organizers of the event are not affiliated with any wine industry trade organization.   We appreciate your participation.  Contact me, Cary Fraser at cary@winejudging.com or (707) 291-7707. See you there!