Greetings from SFCWC Directors

Bob & Scott Fraser

The Competition Continues To Grow and Prosper

Bob & Scott Fraser, Directors SFCWC

Bob & Scott Fraser, Directors SFCWC

With 17 years under our belt, it’s no surprise that we take pride in the work we do with all that is wine. Last year alone we had over 25 states competing from across America and our judges scrutinized over 7,200 entries, a national record high for wine competitions. The Cloverdale Citrus Fair is once again honored to organize and host the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition (SFCWC) as one of the industry’s most respected, and highly publicized, wine competitions in the country. It has become a platform for larger and boutique wineries alike to showcase their wines on a national scale and to increase sales.

The SFCWC is taking this opportunity to issue a “Call for Entries” for its 2017 competition. The SFCWC uses a unique collaborative style of judging as it evaluates thousands of entries from around the country by judges representing a myriad of American Viticulture Regions. Wineries are encouraged to go to www.winejudging.com for additional competition information or go directly to www.enofileonline.com for immediate registration and entry.

In cooperation with Northern California’s largest newspaper, the San Francisco Chronicle and SFGATE, the SFCWC will provide heightened exposure to the award winning wineries in 2017. Media sponsorships for the competition include KGO-AM 810, NBC TV and Wine & Spirits Magazine which will be a major returning sponsor that will publish a full page spread of award winning wines. The Larose Group will increase wine award exposure through additional media outlets including print, radio, websites, blogs and social media. All awards will be listed online at www.winejudging.com throughout the full year.

After the judging is complete, wineries have the opportunity to pour their wines for the large and prestigious San Francisco Bay wine consumer demographic at the 2017 SFCWC Public Tasting at Fort Mason Center, Saturday, February 18, 2017. We believe that this competition is a true barometer that consumers can use to educate themselves and measure the quality premium wines. More than anything else, wineries will see wine sales increase with this competition exposure.

Bob & Scott Fraser, Directors, San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition and organized by the Cloverdale Citrus Fair