Label Contest: 2017 Awards

Label: Etched/PaintedTolosa Winery: Label Sweepstake Winner2015PrimeraEdna Valley$120.00
Label: ClassicalWatermark Labels2015Elevation Ten - RoseEl Dorado$27.00
Label: ArtisiticMontagu2014Label Silver GhostNapa Valley$39.99
Label: Whimiscal/ CartoonBastianon Family Wines2014ZinfandelDry Creek Valley$25.00
Label: SeriesStudioNVLabel SeriesIllinois$17.00
Label: BlockAlapay2015RebekahCentral Coast$60.00

Tolosa’s Primera, Label Sweepstake Winner

The screen-printed bottle of Tolosa’s Primera features a metal medallion engraved by V&V Manufacturing in the City of Industry, outside of Los Angeles. The manufacturing company also engraved the badges for the police department of San Luis Obispo, where Tolosa is located.

Tish Loosley, Tolosa’s graphic designer, created the tile logo in late 2015/early 2016 after being inspired by the Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa. While the logo is on all of Tolosa’s 2015 wines, the metal medallion is only featured on Primera, the flagship wine and a cellar selection of the best barrels of Pinot Noir from its estate vineyard, Edna Ranch, and made in very limited quantities.

Loosley has always been passionate about art and design. After receiving her degree in Applied Art and Design from Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, she launched her career as a packaging graphic designer at Landor Associates, in San Francisco. There, wine label design became her dream. She followed that dream to Tolosa, located in the Edna Valley, San Luis Obispo, where she is creating and producing labels for some of the finest wines in California. Inspired by the quote, “Design is intelligence made visible”, Loosley combines form, function, and meaning to her creative pursuits.

“It is a true honor to be recognized by the San Francisco Chronicle,” Loosley says. “It was a thrill to create packaging for Tolosa’s Primera that matches winemaker Jim Kress’s wine inside: balanced, nuanced, and elegant. It is a wonderful showcase for what the Edna Valley can produce.”